Take part in the sustainable development of Vienna!

You have a good idea to make Vienna more attractive and livable?

You love to live in a social and ecological city, and want to participate in its development?

ELLA - the project competition for participation and sustainability in Vienna is open to all who want to implement a creative idea for a sustainable development of our city, or who already did so.

Submission in 2 categories is open until 3rd November:


Future ELLA

Committed individuals, citizens groups, or non-profits who have an idea for a sustainable project, and would like to turn it into reality, are called to submit a paper. Some examples of topics that may be tackled:

  • Providing public space for everyone
  • New forms of political participation of citizens
  • Promoting peaceful coexistence of different generations and cultures
  • Promoting good neighborliness
  • Energy saving and intelligent use of it
  • Promoting sustainable mobility such as cycling and walking
  • Sustainable Nutrition and Health etc.

The 5 winners receive professional support for the realisation of their project ideas for a maximum period of 3 years. This support includes the following areas:

  • Professional expertise
  • Organising
  • To liaise with politicians, the administration, and other partners
  • PR work
  • Budget of max. € 500,- per year

Last, but not least – becoming a part of the Lokale Agenda 21 Wien network allows you to benefit from the experience of more than 150 projects and 1000 Agenda citizens.

Submit you idea!


Success ELLA

The Success ELLA honors projects which

  • contribute to the sustainable development of Vienna
  • have already been implemented or realised within the last 3 years
  • had citizens involved in their the development and implementation processes

The 3 winning projects will be presented at our ELLA_website, and at the award ceremony, where they will receive merit awards.

The winning projects of both categories are selected by a jury of experts based on the following criterias:

  • Sustainable development – how balanced are social, ecological, and economic aspects taken into account?
  • Public participation – how open is this project, and how much does it motivate citizens to take part in the shaping of the city?
  • Common public interest – to which extent does it focus on the needs of different social groups, and how many people benefit from it?
  • Creativity – how inventive, courageous, and imaginative is the project idea?
  • Feasibility – how easy can it be implemented and realised? (only for the Future ELLA)

Submit your project!

Many are already involved! - You can make your own contribution! - Take part now!


Contact details:

0650 506 87 06
Verein Lokale Agenda 21 Wien
Grüngasse 9/5
1050 Wien